Theatre Arts at Lamar Middle School & Fine Arts Academy is offered both as a year long elective available for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders; and as a 3-year program in the Fine Arts Academy.  Enrollment in the Fine Arts Academy is by audition only.  Please see the LFAA How-To Handbook for more information about the application process.


The Theatre Arts department at Lamar Fine Arts Academy is a 3-year high school preparatory program in the arts. We emphasize creating a well-rounded student artist who feels comfortable in their own skin, and has confidence in their creative abilities. The performance and problem solving skills students learn in theatre help them not only in the performance sphere but in every aspect of business, education, leadership, and community service. As Stella Adler once reflected, “The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation.” The tools learned in theatre can help students change their reality.

We produce at least two to three one-act main stage shows each year (from comedy to children’s theatre). These shows are supplemented by class-created performances of monologues and scenes to build their audition repertoire and experience level. 

All Theatre majors have a series of expectations they must meet to continue in the Fine Arts Academy:

  1. Theatre majors are required to take one year of theatre during their 6th grade year, and am upper level theatre class their 7th and 8th grade years.
  2. Theatre majors are expected to have passing grades in all classes and a B+ average or higher in their theatre classes. 
  3. Other specific expectations are articulated in class syllabi, guidelines, and grading rubrics throughout the semester.

Auditions will consist of a workshop in which the theatre teacher will lead auditioning students through various exercises and theatrical games, as well as a cold reading and a brief interview with the student. The workshop allows the teacher to gauge a student’s level of comfort working with a group or in front of one, as well as their level of creativity and ability to think outside the box. The workshop should last around 2 hours depending on the number of students auditioning.  

Part 1: Theatre Exercises
Part 2:  Memorized monologue
Part 3: Cold reading/partner scene  
Part 4: Brief interview